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Chair Prof. Massimo Filippini

The mission of our research group is to improve the understanding of  issues in energy economics and policy and to make critical contributions in the  design and evaluation of energy policy instruments by applying econometric methods.

Within the area of economics of energy efficiency, we apply microeconometric methods to measure the level of energy efficiency and to analyze the behavior of building owners with respect to energy saving measures. We also analyze the economic impact of energy policy instruments.

Within the empirical analysis of energy demand area, we focus on the  econometric estimation of the demand function for gasoline, electricity,  and gas using both disaggregated and aggregated panel data to provide  policy makers with information on price and income elasticities.

Within the area of productivity, efficiency, and regulation, we focus on  the econometric estimation of frontier cost functions and on the use of  the firm's productive efficiency indicators derived from these cost  frontiers in the regulation of energy distribution companies.

The group’s research also focuses on two areas in health economics and
 policy: The economics of drugs, in particular the demand for antibiotics,  and the economics of long-term health care services for the elderly, in  particular, the regulation and productivity of nursing home.

In order to promote excellent research activities, members of the group  at all levels (including PhD students) cooperate internationally,  participate actively in international conferences, and strive for  publications in the leading international journals in the fields of  energy economics and policy and public economics.

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