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The topics offered in Professor Filippini's chair are provided below. If you are interested in writing your thesis at our chair you can write an e-mail to Dr. Nina Boogen and include the following information:

  • Academic transcript and a statement that you fulfill the requirements (Guidelines)
  • Your research topics of interest
  • Preferred starting date

Master Thesis Topics Offered by CEPE

  • Ramsay-Pricing in the Swiss electricity market (in cooperation with Swissgrid)
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency policies and programmes
  • Impact of vicinity to nuclear plants on housing rental prices (hedonic price models)  
  • Empirical analysis of energy or gasoline demand (panel data models)
  • The economics of energy efficiency (hedonic price models) in electrical appliances or building sector
  • Electricity deregulation (country studies)
  • Decoupling in the electricity sector
  • Economics of minergie houses
  • Energy efficiency investment in the building sector
  • Choice of heating systems
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