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01.02.2017 | Cooperations

Research Project featured on the Weekly Spotlight

Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of the ’Energy Strategy 2050’ and therefore an important issue next to new renewables. However, how efficient are we already now? — Every week, the "Weekly Spotlight on Energy Research" highlights current research projects of Energy Science Center (ESC) members. Read more 

08.12.2016 | International, Events

Presentation at the 1st AIEE Energy Symposium in Milan

Nilkanth Kumar, a PhD student at the Chair of Energy and Public Economics, recently presented at the 1st AIEE Energy Symposium on Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security in Milan, Italy. His presentation was titled "Boundedly rational consumers, energy and investment literacy, and the display of information on household appliances". Read more 


EEPE's researcher Thomas Geissmann writes for the Zukunftsblog

"Nuclear power: where to next?" - Switzerland’s electricity companies, and in particular the operators of its nuclear power plants, are in poor financial shape. Regardless of the outcome of the Nuclear Withdrawal Initiative, the funding required for dismantling and disposal raises issues of state redistribution. Read more 

13.10.2016 | International, Cooperations, Events

Kick-Off Meeting for PENNY

As of September 1st, we have commenced the project Psychological, social and financial barriers to energy efficiency (PENNY) together with five partner universities. PENNY is funded by the European Commission, Horizon 2020 Programme. Read more 

01.10.2016 | Administration and infrastructure, People, Executive Board

Prof. Massimo Filippini chairs the CER-ETH's board of directors

Prof. Massimo Filippini replaces Prof. Antoine Bommier as the head of the board of directors of the Center of Economic Research (CER-ETH) from 1st of October 2016. Read more 


Recent Publications

Thomas Geissmann, . Computation of the Levelized Cost of Electricity under Uncertainty and Endogeneities in Inputs. IAEE Energy Forum 26.1 (2017): 15-18.
Filippini, Massimo, and Lin Zhang. Estimation of the energy efficiency in Chinese provinces. Energy Efficiency 9.6 (2016): 1315-1328.
Di Giorgio, Laura, Massimo Filippini, and Giuliano Maserio. Is higher nursing home quality more costly? The European Journal of Health Economics 17.8 (2016): 1011-1026.
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